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Michelin Tyres

Founded in 1889, Michelin has now become a household name in the global tyre scene. With an unwavering dedication to producing quality tyres, every Michelin unit guarantees safety, longevity and fuel efficiency.

If you are willing to upgrade your driving experience with Michelin car tyres Wokingham, ALS Tyres is your one-stop destination.

At our facility, we stock an extensive collection of car tyres Wokingham.

Book a set of Michelin tyres Wokingham from our official website or come to our garage to select the best Michelin models as per your vehicle requirement.

Popular Michelin tyres available at ALS Tyres

Summer Tyres

Michelin Pilot Sport 4: Built with the advanced Dynamic Response Technology and an ultra-reactive tread pattern, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 offers increased traction and driving stability. Also, to ensure improved wet grip and aquaplaning resistance, Michelin has manufactured this range with Hydrophobic Silica compounds and wide longitudinal grooves.

Winter Tyres

Alpin A4: Alpin A4 is a winter car tyre that offers improved mileage and low tyre noise. This tyre is notable for its enhanced grip and braking performance even in the roughest winter weather conditions. The unique natural rubber compounds and optimised tread pattern deliver increased traction.

All-season Tyres

CrossClimate Plus +: This range of Michelin tyres Wokingham features grip-maximising tread compounds which ensure flexibility in varied weather conditions. Also, the unique tread block design improves dry braking performance throughout the year.

Performance Tyres

Pilot Super Sport: Michelin has constructed this range with Twaron ® belt which delivers excellent grip at high speeds. The unique dual silica compound technology optimises traction and handling on both wet and dry surfaces.

4X4 Tyres

Pilot Sport 4 SUV: Pilot Sport 4 SUV is the 4X4 version of the much-acclaimed Pilot Sport 4. Michelin has developed this unit for sporty handling that can offer durable performance, superior grip and safety in both wet and dry conditions.

Run-flat Tyres

Primacy 3 Zero Pressure: Primacy 3 Zero Pressure is the run-flat version of the popular Primacy 3 model of Michelin. Manufactured with reinforced sidewalls, Primacy 3 Zero Pressure can support the weight of your vehicle even in the event of a sudden puncture.

Hence, end your search for Michelin tyres near me with us at ALS Tyres.

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