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The tyre size is showing as an alphanumeric code on the tyre’s sidewall. It offers key information regarding the said tyre’s measurements and construction type. Understanding this code and the tyre size meaning is crucial as this seemingly unimportant code has a lot to do with your vehicle’s safety, performance and fuel economy.

ALS Tyres can help you decipher the tyre size meaning so that you can make an informed decision while buying car tyres Wokingham.

Decoding a tyre size code

Let’s take an example to understand this: 185/55R16 83V

    • Tyre width: The first number in the code – 185 – denotes that particular unit's width in millimetres.
    • Aspect ratio: The number 55 indicates the aspect ratio, which is basically a measure of the tyre's sidewall divided by its width in percentage.
    • Radial: 'R' signifies that this particular unit has a radial construction. Most tyres available today in the UK are of radial type.
    • Rim diameter: The next number – 16 – denotes the recommended rim diameter.
    • Load-bearing capacity: 83 refers to the load-bearing capacity of each unit when fully inflated.
    • Speed rating: The last letter in the code – V – stands for the tyre's speed rating.

Apart from these basic metrics, the following parameters may also be mentioned in a tyre size code.

    • E marks: E marks are official proof of a tyre's adherence to the protocols laid down on the ECE Regulation 30-02.
    • M+S: This marking denotes that the concerned unit is capable of optimising handling performance on mud and snow.

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