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Continental Tyres

    Are you searching for Continental car tyres Wokingham? You needn’t look any further than us at ALS Tyres.

    Order your preferred set of tyres online through our website, or buy these units directly from our garage.

    Types of Continental car tyres Wokingham we supply

    All-season Tyres

    These are a common preference among people searching for “tyres near me” for round-the-year use. All Season Contact is one of our best-selling models in this category.

    Performance Tyres

    These units are engineered to deliver superlative performance in high-octane sports and performance cars. Conti SportContact 5P is extremely popular among our customers.

    Winter Tyres

    Winter units from Continental offer increased aquaplaning resistance, which helps you drive safely even in extreme snowy winters. These come with the innovative SnowCurve+ technology, which ensures uncompromised cornering and driving stability on slush and sleet. You can opt for a set of Conti Winter Contact TS830 from us.

    Apart from these, ALS Tyres also stocks the following:

    Runflats (PremiumContact 6)

    Continental tyres Wokingham in the run-flat range are popular due to their safety features. These units can handle the load of your vehicle for around 50miles at about 50mph, even after a puncture.

    Summer (EcoContact 6 Q)

    Summer tyres from Continental come with unique tread designs, offering enhanced braking and improved tyre service life. Optimised tread depth and wide shoulder blocks help these units provide superior resistance to hydroplaning, which helps maintain stability and cornering ability.

    4x4 tyres (Conti Cross Contact A/T): These Continental tyres Wokingham offer the perfect balance between off-road and on-road handling efficiency.

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