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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Did you know that a tyre underinflated by 5 PSI (pounds per square inch) can reduce tyre service life by up to 25%?

Tyres with correct air pressure deliver improved steering response, reduced stopping distances and excellent handling control. Over-inflated or under-inflated tyres are not only responsible for a compromised driving experience, but can also end up risking safety of the passengers. Hence, it is imperative that car owners must opt for regular tyre pressure checks from a trusted garage.

If you happen to live in or around Wokingham and are looking for a trusted facility to get your car tyre pressure checked, you can visit ALS Tyres. We provide free tyre pressure check Wokingham. You do not require booking a prior appointment for this check either.

What is the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle?

If you are unsure about the recommended tyre pressure of your vehicle, you can find it from various sources. Take a look.

    • Every new car comes with a handbook or “owner’s manual”. You can easily find out the recommended tyre pressure from this manual. It contains detailed data regarding the maximum, minimum and ideal inflation levels of both front and rear tyres.
    • Also, you can look for this data on the tyre placard, often placed in the driver’s side door.
    • You can also find it inside the fuel cap.

Car owners of Wokingham must know that air pressure levels of tyres vary across vehicle type and models.

How can we help?

During a tyre pressure check Wokingham at ALS Tyres, our experts will first find out the recommended air pressure level from the tyre placard. Next, they will remove the valve cap from the tyre and insert an air pressure gauge inside it to take the reading. Our experts will then inflate or deflate the tyre accordingly.

What are the ways to maintain correct tyre pressure levels?

    • Check the air pressure of all tyres, including the spare tyres, every two-three weeks.
    • Opt for tyre pressure checks regularly, especially when they are cold. Check if the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is in proper working condition.
    • Look for cuts, damages, and other signs of a slow puncture.

Feel free to talk to our professionals if you have any query.

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