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The EU mandated tyre labelling from November 2012 to provide car owners with information on tyre safety and its impact on the environment. The label offers information on three key performance metrics - fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise level.

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Understanding EU tyre labelling

Please note that EU tyre labelling does not apply to re-treaded tyres, vintage tyres, T-type tyres, temporary spare tyres, etc.

Let’s take a look at what the EU tyre label reflects.

Fuel efficiency

Tyres account for approximately 20% of a vehicle’s fuel economy which is directly related to the rolling resistance. The fuel economy of a tyre is rated from A to G, where A denotes the best fuel-efficient tyre and G reflects the least fuel-efficient tyre.

Wet grip

Wet grip of a tyre particularly refers to how quickly and safely a tyre can stop on wet roads.

The wet grip of a tyre is rated from A to G. As per the EU tyre label, an ‘A’ rated tyre delivers the shortest braking distances on wet surfaces whereas ‘G’ rated tyres offer the longest braking distances.

Noise levels

A tyre’s rolling noise is measured in decibels (dB) and is represented by three sound wave bars. While tyres with one wave bar indicate the quietest product, those with three sound wave bars indicate the noisiest ones.

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