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Bridgestone is a Japanese tyre and rubber company and currently the biggest tyre manufacturer in the world. Bridgestone tyres Wokingham are popular for their exceptional handling performance and fuel efficiency.

People searching for Bridgestone “tyres near me” can visit ALS Tyres. We stock a vast inventory of Bridgestone car tyres Wokingham, of all makes and models. You also have the option to buy tyres online from us.

Categories of Bridgestone car tyres Wokingham

Summer Tyres

Advanced tread pattern helps these tyres deliver superior grip and braking performance to ensure maximum safety even in adverse situations. High shoulder blocks and wide centre gap work in tandem for rapid water evacuation and drastically reduces hydroplaning on wet and hot tarmacs.

Our top pick:

    • Potenza S-02A

All-season Tyres

These tyres are ideal for their commendable round-the-year performance in moderate weather conditions.

Our top pick:

    • Weather Control A005

4x4 Tyres

Aggressive and deeper tread pattern and centre gaps enable these tyres to offer superior performance, regardless of the terrain (on- and off-road).

Our top pick:

    • Dueler H/P SPORT

High-performance tyres

HP units from Bridgestone offer enhanced stability and cornering precision, courtesy its asymmetric tread design, even at high speeds. 3D sipes and uniquely placed ribs reduce risks of aquaplaning drastically, thereby offering reliable wet performance.

Are you planning to buy Bridgestone tyres Wokingham for your high-performance sedan? In that case, you can opt for any unit from the Potenza range.

Our top pick:

    • Potenza S007

Winter Tyres

Durable and efficient multicell compound in these units diminish risks of tyre slippage in the UK's harsh winters. Unique tread blocks, along with dense sipes, enable these tyres to offer efficient grip even in challenging conditions.

Our top pick:

    • Blizzak LM005

Apart from these, we also sell Bridgestone’s run-flat tyres.

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