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Blacklion Tyres

    Blacklion is an American tyre manufacturing company contributing to the industry since 1995, and its business operations currently span across 40 countries in the world. Car owners in Wokingham looking for budget tyres near me prefer Blacklion units due to their reliability and durability.

    ALS Tyres is an authorised dealer of tyres Wokingham. We store Blacklion units of all available sizes to serve a more extensive clientele. Further, our experts can also help you to choose an ideal set of tyres for your vehicle according to your driving requirements and road conditions.

    Categories of Blacklion tyres Wokingham at our facility

    All-season Tyres

    All season units from Blacklion feature a solid centre rib and broad circumferential grooves to provide stability and optimal braking in dry and wet conditions. Non-directional tread design accounts for superior handling precision throughout the year.

    Winter Tyres

    Blacklion’s winter tyres are manufactured with a softer rubber compound and a deeper groove design to deliver improved traction and aquaplaning resistance. Stair-step tread design ensures faster water evacuation. These tyres also have a jointless bead cover that enhances structural rigidity for a smooth and safer ride on various terrains.

    Summer Tyres

    Made using a harder rubber compound and special grooves, Blacklion tyres provide good traction and also prevent aquaplaning. On our website you will find several Blacklion summer tyre models.

    Ultra-high-performance Tyres

    An asymmetrical tread pattern with silica-infused rubber compound works in tandem to deliver unmatched traction even at high speeds.

    SUV Tyres

    Blacklion manufactures its 4x4 units with widened shoulders to facilitate improved surface contact. Further, the specialised block edges account for enhanced traction and grip on wet and dry surfaces.

    Apart from these, we also have a wide range of run-flats in our stock.

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