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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement Wokingham for your vehicle?


TPMS or Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is an inbuilt system in all modern cars. It works through sensors and alerts the driver in case the tyre pressure drops 25% below the recommended limit. It does so by triggering the TPMS warning light on the car dashboard. Visiting a professional garage in such a scenario is ideal for your driving safety.

Since 2008, TMPS is mandatorily installed in all new vehicles. Accurate tyre pressure is integral for optimal vehicle control, traction and steering stability as well. Make sure that your vehicle’s TPMS sensors are working optimally as faulty sensors can result in MOT fails and attract hefty fines of up to £2,500.

ALS Tyres is a reliable car workshop that replaces TPMS sensors in Wokingham. We have the necessary equipment to inspect these sensors carefully and provide a replacement if needed.

What are the types of TPMS?

    • Direct TPMS: In this case, the sensors are directly attached to the wheels and provide data to the car’s ECU in real time. TPMS sensor valves monitor the tyre pressure and trigger the warning light on the car dashboard when required.
    • Indirect TPMS: An indirect tyre pressure monitoring system collates data from ABS sensor readings primarily. 4 dedicated sensors work simultaneously to help your car’s TPMS system gets the necessary information regarding tyre pressure. Erratic readings call for urgent TPMS replacement in Wokingham from an advanced facility, such as ALS Tyres.

How often should you replace TPMS sensors in Wokingham?

Experts recommend a routine TPMS sensor check once every 5 years or at least once every 100,000 miles. These sensors face the brunt of rough conditions, including extremes of temperatures, pressure and vibrations. Hence, a timely check or replacement is essential.

Also, the TPMS sensor battery may get exhausted sooner than anticipated. Should you face such a situation, it is suggested to replace the entire sensor unit as it is rather difficult to remove the battery separately.

    • Common causes of TPMS sensor damage.
    • Sensor damage due to faulty installation.
    • Damage during tyre or wheel replacement.
    • Driving in rough road conditions.
    • Galvanic corrosion, etc.

Opting for a thorough check of TPMS sensors in Wokingham is essential to ensure that your car’s in-built TPMS system continues to receive correct tyre pressure data. Faulty readings or incorrectly triggered TMPS warning lights can be causes for concern.

End your search for TPMS sensor replacement near me with us at ALS Tyres. You can find us at Molly Millers Lane Wokingham RG41 2PT. Our professionals use advanced tools and machinery to perform precise TPMS sensor replacement at affordable rates.

You can also get expert advice on any TPMS Replacement Wokingham-related issue or information on our services by calling us on 011 8979 8842 during our working hours.

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