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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?


4x4 tyres are tailored for Sport Utility Vehicles and can efficiently meet their on-road and off-road driving requirements. These tyres are specifically manufactured to deliver control and handling stability even in challenging road conditions.

If you are looking for 4x4 tyres near me, look no further than ALS Tyres. We stock an extensive inventory of 4x4 tyres Wokingham, retailed from the best manufacturers across the world in various price segments, namely premium, mid-range and budget. Our team of experts can also help you to choose an ideal set of 4x4 tyres, according to your requirements and driving habits. Please note that you can also buy these tyres from us online.

Brands of 4x4 tyres Wokingham at our garage

    Some of the premium brands in our stock are:

    • Bridgestone Tyres
    • Michelin Tyres
    • Pirelli Tyres
    • Continental Tyres
    • Goodyear Tyres

    Apart from the ones listed above, ALS Tyres also stocks quality units for people looking for quality cheap 4x4 tyres Wokingham. Some of these brands are:

  • RoadX Tyres
  • Churchill Tyres
  • Blacklion Tyres, etc.
  • Why opt for 4x4 tyres Wokingham?

    Superlative handling

    Unique rubber compound with broad shoulder blocks help these units to maintain stability and provide sufficient grip even on challenging terrains.

    Tread pattern

    These tyres come with an asymmetric tread pattern that ensures optimal surface contact for steering control and precision in demanding situations. Low rolling resistance, coupled with the enhanced gripping ability, also help your SUVs to enjoy improved fuel efficiency.

    Types of 4x4 tyres

    If you are looking to buy 4x4 tyres Wokingham but are unsure about the specific category you need as per your requirements, you can take a look at the list below.

    All-Terrain (A/T)

    These units deliver a 50%-50% balanced on-road and off-road performance. Highly resistant to punctures due to their unique tread design and carcass structure, they offer adequate traction in dry and wet conditions to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience.

    Highway-Terrain (H/T)

    Highway-terrain 4x4 tyres are meant for mainly on-road usage. Low rolling resistance coupled with a specialised silica-enriched rubber compound account for improved fuel economy.

    Mud-Terrain (M/T)

    Specifically designed to handle extremer road conditions, like mud, slush and sleet, these units come with deeper grooves and aggressive tread patterns for rapid water evacuation and reduce hydroplaning risks as well.

    Reach us

    If you want to check out our wide range of 4x4 tyres Wokingham in person, you can drop by at our facility. You can also ring us for assistance. We’ll be more than delighted to help you out.

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